Small & Medium sized companies

Stopping Cyber Attacks

Stop cyber and digital attacks before they cause irreparable damage, with instant remedial action.

  • Security Dialog’s AnalyseIT CLOSED LOOP solution can identify incoming attacks, attach a level of severity, helping decisions about action required.
  • In the same way as anti-virus solutions detect and analyses incoming viruses and deals with them automatically, so does AnalyseIT CLOSED LOOP security solution, at an organisational level. It detects, identifies, reports and STOPS cyber-attacks in real time.
  • AnalyseIT is a cost effective, pay-as-you-go solution, instantly available and constantly protecting.  It provides an organisation with an easily understood visual view of its Cyber position, showing the severity of attacks, and where and which devices are affected, all from one simple page portal.
  • AnalyseIT frees up your valuable resources from mundane time consuming tasks, using your resources more effectively.