Small & Medium sized companies

Cyber Threats

Here are just some of the cyber and digital threats your business faces. And your systems may already be infected.

Random phishing
When thieves send emails with malicious attachments which can be opened by unsuspecting staff, and infecting your whole system, and that of your suppliers and customers. This attack called Ransomware can result in a demand for money, usually paid in untraceable bitcoins. You are advised NOT to pay as they will come back for more and you will appear on a global black list of soft targets. Instead plan ahead, ensure all your data is constantly back up, and have a plan to close down systems and wipe them immediately.

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Targeted attacks 
Your company may not be the target of an attack, but you might be the route by which hackers can access your clients’ and suppliers’ data. It would be embarrassing to be the weakest link in the chain, so you must beef up your defences. There are compliance standards such as Cyber Essentials that help you with basic security housekeeping. You can also ask your suppliers and clients what security standards they have, and at least emulate those.

Malicious internal & external attacks
Sadly, half of all attacks come from those whose salaries you are paying who have been offered money to help the thieves, or who have a grudge against you.
Don’t have blanket access for everyone to every part of your systems. Keep access limited by department and ensure regular, at least monthly, enforced password changes.

What could happen if you are attacked?
Disruption is the main consequence of attacks, along with:

  • Loss of reputation.
  • Inability to trade.
  • Resultant 30% loss of customers (KPMG  research)
  • Automatic defences can stop attacks before they damage you.
  • Investors & stakeholders unsettled.
  • Financial damage, fines from the ICO, share price, ransom pay outs.
  • Board consequences eg: loss of office.