Small & Medium sized companies


Security Dialog secures SMEs and mid-sized companies against cyber attacks, with automated, affordable and easy to manage solutions that stop cyber and digital attacks and which balance risk against operational agility.

  • There is too much scary talk about cyber and digital security; it is simply a different kind of theft, but it is growing at an alarming pace.
  • Hackers just want to extort money from you, or steal data that has a resale value. Some may want to damage your business.
  • They may be clever, but they are also lazy, and will be deterred if they find too difficult to steal from you.
  • And we know that the language used about cyber security does not help your understanding. Time to get what you need, rather than what software vendors tell you that you need.
  • Automatic defences can stop attacks before they damage you.
  • Security Dialog solutions warn about vulnerabilities and keep a business safe and informed of the risks you are taking.