The Digital Landscape has Changed…

With new connected technologies come new security threats.

Some of these threats are inconvenient – others could permanently damage your business. Making decisions about what precautions to take is a real challenge when this is not your area of expertise. We can help with simple,  affordable solutions.

The UK Government is bringing in a wide variety of compliance legislation to make SMEs address these threats. You may come under pressure from your customers to adopt the Government’s Cyber Essentials scheme or comply with any number of these pieces of legislation. To help, the Government has made up to £5,000 available to every small to medium-sized business in the UK for the purposes of obtaining advice on innovation and cyber security (see the Innovate-UK website).

We can help

Security Dialog has been formed specifically to address the concerns of UK based SMEs. We believe our approach is more closely aligned to the needs of the SME community than any other. We aren’t auditors who will tell you what’s wrong and leave it to you to fix it. We are expert advisors, and technically orientated business people. We want to help you grow your business, secure in the knowledge that you have protected your systems and sensitive data, so your customers and suppliers can have confidence in the security of your systems.

Our Services


Step One – A Security Dialog

A short but intensive workshop where you tell us about your business and the systems you use to support and protect it.

Step Two – Initial Risk Assessment

Together we identify possible cyber threats to your business. Analyse the likelihood of these threats being realised, the impact they would have on your business and the relevance to any compliance requirements.

Step Three – Ongoing Risk and Compliance Monitoring

Based on the out-put of step two, we provide you with the ongoing monitoring services you need, no more no less! With regular reviews so that as your business evolves, these services can be tuned and the cost adjusted accordingly.

Stage One is FOC, its part of our investment in your business. Stage Two is at a pre agreed fixed cost, Stage Three varies depending on the results of our evaluation and the risk level uncovered. If risk levels are low, maybe you don’t need any more than periodic reviews. If the risk is higher, and requires more regular monitoring or if you face specific compliance requirements, then our service offering will be a monthly subscription with the cost based on the number of end points being monitored.

This approach means:

  • You only pay for what you use
  • You adhere to compliance requirements
  • We provide you with transparent budgeted costings
  • Storage of meaningful log events

Our three stage process provides full transparency of not just cost, but also of the risks you are trying to deal with. This means you can attach the appropriate cost to risk, instead of having to, at huge expense, buy a catch-all system.


Complete IT Security

Protect your data from Hackers and Cyber Criminals, seeking to cause damage to your business and your reputation.

Security Dialog provides a low cost, easy and quick to install, monitoring service which seeks unusual behaviours and events on your system, 24/7.

We alert you to abnormal events, and provide a regular, non-technical report showing the incidents that have occurred and what needs to be done.

Reporting on attacks, failures of compliance and software patches, we aim to keep you and your business safe, and give you peace of mind that you are doing everything you reasonably can to avoid business disruption and inability to trade.

Security Assessment Offer

Your Assessment provides a comprehensive report. Request yours today