Small & Medium sized companies

Automatic Log Reviews

Instantly available automated log review at the press of a button. Automating security and business processes is essential for any business

Carrying out security log reviews ties up valuable resource for long periods of time. No one enjoys this task, and often it is skipped or not done consistently. Having an automated process ensures the task is carried out in a consistent and efficient manner, it is simply a matter of clicking a mouse and viewing the results.

Often manual log review processes produce pages and pages of reports, making it hard for the business to clearly understand whether they should have concerns. Many dashboards and graphical representations look stunning, yet they say nothing in business terms. Security is now top of the agenda for most Boards, and those Boards want and need a clear and easily understandable view not only of the business situation, but also why investment in security is necessary.

AnalyseIT is low cost, cloud based, and pay-as-you-go. Instantly available and presenting the situation is an easily understandable format for technical and non-technical audiences. Fully automated to save analysts’ time.