Small & Medium sized companies

MSSP’s – Managed Security Service Providers

AnalyseIT is an easy-to-implement cyber solution with the ability to stop cyber attacks in real time. With automated log reviews and real time dashboard & SIEM reporting

  • AnalyseIT is designed as a multi-tenanted, SaaS security solution which detects, analyses, alerts and monitors log events at outstanding speed, providing near real time reporting.
  • AnalyseIT’s active agent not only enables EndPoint control, but also filters out unwanted garbage data, only collecting what is important.
  • It is fully automated at the touch of a button, freeing up hours of analyst time reviewing log events manually.
  • A real-time dashboard which refreshes every 5 seconds shows you in an easy to read way, exactly what your security situation is, and where on your system the issues are.
  • Having an active agent enables remediation rules which can automatically shut down infected systems when high severity attacks occur.
  • Reporting includes how your organisation meets compliance requirements.
  • The dashboard can be applied to existing SIEM solutions in order to leverage the investment you have already made.