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Security Dialog Ltd is a division of 2020 CyberSec Ltd.

What’s happening – and why you need to take notice.

The chances are, your organisation has already been hacked – 80% of UK SMEs were in the past year.

Hackers are in no hurry, they trawl through company systems to see where the vulnerabilities are, and attack at their leisure. They may want to cause you disruption, they may be malicious, or more likely, hold you to ransom by stopping you accessing your data.

Which organisations need an alerting and monitoring service?

Any organisation which holds data e.g. employees, patients, students, customers, IP, credit cards and contacts. You may not think your data is valuable, but to a hacker it is a goldmine. And if you are part of a supply chain, your organisation could be the route in to attacking your clients’ systems.

Here are some sectors we already help to protect:

Monitor, alert, report

Security Dialog have built and patented an astoundingly fast and powerful log event reader. Its the technology that powers our service and allows us to provide a personalised service to hard pressed SMEs.

Not only do we constantly check your systems looking for signs of attack or failure, but we provide you with an easy to read report in ‘non-technical’ language. Followed up with remedial advice from our analysts.

Complete IT Security

Protect your data from Hackers and Cyber Criminals, seeking to cause damage to your business and your reputation.

Security Dialog provides a low cost, easy and quick to install, monitoring service which seeks unusual behaviours and events on your system, 24/7.

We alert you to abnormal events, and provide a regular, non-technical report showing the incidents that have occurred and what needs to be done.

Reporting on attacks, failures of compliance and software patches, we aim to keep you and your business safe, and give you peace of mind that you are doing everything you reasonably can to avoid business disruption and inability to trade.

Security Assessment Offer

Your Assessment provides a comprehensive report. Request yours today